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How To Trick Yourself Into Working Out, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It.

"I really regret that workout...." said no one, ever. Even for us fitness junkies and addicts, there are times where you simply just don't feel like working out. Keeping up a consistent workout routine or program is a lot of work, sometimes it … [Read more]

Don’t Ask Me For A Spot; Gym Etiquette

Really? I'm clearly in the middle of my sets, with headphones on, but yeah let me stop my workout to give you a spot. I can't stand when this happens at the gym, and though I sometimes end up saying yes, the look on my face clearly shows I'm … [Read more]

Wiping With Wet Wipes: A Must

If wet wipes are not part of your daily bowel movement regimen then I encourage you to re-think your level of hygiene.  I remember as a very young child, my dad wiping my butt after I pooped. Each time he finished by saying, “clean as a … [Read more]